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About the Tournament

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This tournament is a way to remember Philip Secord, raise cancer awareness, and support one of Phil's true passions - youth hockey.

It seems only fitting that after one of my son's hockey practices in 2019, during breakfast with another minor hockey coach, the idea of how to bring cancer awareness to minor hockey in true Phil Secord fashion was conceived. Funds raised from the Annual Filthy Phil Secord Memorial Golf Tournament over the past several years have provided the Garden City Minor Hockey Association with several alternative team sets of Lavender Hockey Jerseys, with a custom patch in Phil’s honor (PS2).

Why lavender, you ask? It is the colour used to represent all cancers. Though the tournament is in Phil’s name, it truly is for everyone!

​​The Secord family from Dunblane Ave was hit hard by cancer, enduring the fight and loss of Philip Secord (Leukemia), followed by Ken Secord (father - Brain Cancer) and subsequently Sue Secord (mother - Lung Cancer), all within 8 months of one another. All too young, all with an intense desire for a much longer life. Phil, Ken, and Sue were truly incredible people and amazing family to myself, Shane, and to their vast amount of friends and family. Unfortunately, this story is all too common for so many people.  Everyone seems to have their own unique story, whether of loss or triumph, their own family/friends whom they want to support and remember. Choosing the color lavender to represent this event and cause, allows us to recognize and support not only Phil’s memory, not only leukemia, but all of our dearest family and friends who have battled the Big C.


The inaugural Filthy Phil Secord Memorial Golf Tournament started the year Phil passed in 2017 with a small group of friends and family (shout out to Brandon Chase). Who would have thought it would turn into this?!


We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone who has contributed to the resounding growth and success of this tournament over the past 4 years! We appreciate your continued support immensely, and look forward to making further contributions to youth hockey in Phil's memory!

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