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Philip Edward Secord was born on July 23, 1985 in the City of St. Catharines to Ken and Sue Secord.  He grew up on Dunblane Ave with his brother Shane, across the street from his Grandparents Ed and Marg and down the street from Lana and Roy (parents number 2).

Phil, Pumpkinhead or Filthy as he was often know as, spent endless days playing hockey, whether on the road with his brother or the Moiseff brothers or on the ice.

Phil loved the game of hockey, starting with the Spartan Sharks, to the St. Catharines Royals AA/AAA, to winning a Schmalz Cup with the Grimsby Peach Kings.  Phil then played for the St. Catharines Jr. B Falcons and finally finishing his hockey career as a defenseman with the Port Colborne Jr. B. Sailors.   

Hockey did not end there for Phil, after his competitive playing days, he played on several beer league teams; Sharks, Royals, and the Virgil Friday Night guys.  Of course he was instrumental in many of the championships won by these teams.  What hands he had for a "D" man and wow could he ever move for a big man.

Hockey did not end there, if he wasn't watching the San Jose Sharks, or playing NHL on the XBOX, Phil was coaching.  Phil had a spark for that role, he loved every second of it, he could not get enough.  Coaching in the Niagara North and Garden City Minor Hockey system was truly his proudest hockey moments and the KIDS LOVED HIM!


Though hockey was his passion, his true love was Amberley (Gaspich).  After 30 years of residing on Dunblane, Amber was able to get him to leave his nest to start a life with her.  This led to the birth of their beautiful daughter Ellie May Secord, followed by their marriage.   

Unfortunately, a life Phil truly wanted was cut short.  Diagnosed with Leukemia shortly after his 30th birthday, and passing two years later, in 2018. 

This is just a snippet of Phil's life, there is so much more to Phil!  This gentle giant, the man with a heart of gold, the loudest quite man you will ever meet  and a man who just loved life!  So on August 28, please come and join us, support Cancer Awareness and see what Phil was all about! 

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